The Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka
is an essential guide to the butterflies of the island. A comprehensive work, it is based on field research conducted over the past decade, as well as the personal experiences of the first author over the past 50 years.

The lives of all 247 species of butterflies in Sri Lanka are described and discussed in detail. The adults of both sexes are illustrated with color photographs taken in the field. Identification keys are provided for groups of similar-looking species and identification characteristics are illlustrated. Additionally, the egg, larva and pupa of each species whose life history is known are illustrated. Several images portray rare species and behaviors that have not been documented before.

This book contains substantial new information as well as over 3300 images of live butterflies, larval food plants, habitats and nectar plants and provides information needed for the conservation of butterflies in the island. It has been written for a wide audience and will interest, not only Sri Lankans and butterfly enthusiasts, students, professional entomologists, biologists and conservationists around the world, but also the general reader who will be fascinated by these beautiful insects.

Hardcover; 418 pp + vi; 8-1/2” x 11”.
ISBN: 978-1-77136-189-7. Published March 2016.

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publishers of books on butterflies and dragonflies.
George (Michael) and Nancy van der Poorten

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The Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka

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