Corrigenda for The Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka

Page 73: Parnara bada should read Parnara bada bada

Page 14: Fig. 2-4a: Common Indian Crow (Euploea core) should read: Brown King Crow (Euploea klugii)

Page 93: Fig. 5-57k: Microcos paniculata should read: Grewia sp. [Though we have not recorded any species of Grewia as a larval food plant of this butterfly, Jayasinghe et al. (2014) have recorded several species.]

Page 101: Fig. 6-4c, d: These photos are of Curetis siva Evans, 1954, not of the wet season form of C. thetis. Though described from South India in 1954, this species was not recognized as occuring in Sri Lanka until late 2017 by Dr. George van der Poorten. It is found in the wet zone of the island and appears to use Pericopsis mooniana as a larval food plant.

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