Corbet and Pendlebury's

The Butterflies of the
Malay Peninsula

5th edition (2020)

Revised by George Michael and Nancy van der Poorten

This updated edition incorporates new information on distributions, life histories and larval food plants. The taxonomy of each species has been reviewed and revised where necessary, and the text and relevant keys have been updated with newly published information. The text runs to 506 pages and includes an extensive bibliography and full indices. Additionally, the layout has been modernized for better readability and aesthetics while several of the figures have been redrawn for clarity. The book includes a completely new set of 132 colour plates illustrating every species reliably recorded from Singapore and the Malay Peninsula, showing the upperside and underside of both males and females of most species. The immature stages of selected species, representing each butterfly subfamily, are illustrated in 6 colour plates. Twenty-five pages of genitalia drawings are also included as supporting material for the species descriptions.

ISBN: 978-983-44886-3-5. Published December 2020.

Available from Bioquip (USA), Pemberley Books (UK), the Malaysian Nature Society and Mr. Henry Barlow (hsbar AT

Corbet & Pendlebury's The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula, 5th edition

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Lamproptera curius 
Butterfly images courtesy of N.L.Liew