Shiva's Sunbeam (Curetis siva) Evans 1954

Curetis siva

Newly identified in Sri Lanka by Dr. George van der Poorten in 2017.

Evans first described C. siva from specimens from South India; one specimen was labelled as a female with a question mark as to whether or not it was from "Ceylon". None of the later major workers (notably B. d'Abrera and H. Gaonkar) included it in their publications. It was only in late 2017 that George recognized that what had been identified as a wet season form of Curetis thetis was actually C. siva. C. thetis is found in the dry and intermediate zones whereas C. siva is found in the wet zone. C. thetis uses Pongamia pinnata, Indigofera tinctoria, Abrus precatorius, Lepisanthes tetraphylla, Derris scandens and Canavalia rosea as larval food plants whereas C. siva appears to use Pericopsis mooniana, a wet zone tree. In The Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka (2016), Figure 6-4c, d were labelled in error as C. thetis wet season form; these photographs are actually those of C. siva.